Trust Services

Trust Services:

Our trust services allow you to preserve and manage your assets by providing a means of estate planning which may save in estate taxes. It also allows you to use an unbiased third party to make decisions which might otherwise cause family problems.

Our experienced staff can handle any of the following trust accounts:

Agency - Your assets will be handled by a professional agent who provides physical protection of your securities - stocks, bonds, CDs, and other investments. You remain in control of your assets at all times by delegating management responsibilities to us. We relieve you of the burden of paperwork by providing simplified record keeping including paying bills and collecting income.

Conservatorship - We can relieve family members of the burdensome responsibility of handling an individual's affairs and/or property when he/she is incapable of doing so.

Executorship - As your executor, we will take the responsibility and are always here to carry out the instructions in your Last Will and Testament in a caring, professional and unbiased manner.

Insurance Trustee - As trustee, we will distribute the proceeds of your policy to the designated beneficiaries in the manner and at such time as you have directed us in the trust agreement.

Trustee Under Will (or Testamentary Trust) - Complete your estate plan and protect your privacy with an irrevocable trust created by the provisions of your will. Our capable staff will carryout the terms on your trust in a professional manner.


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