Credit Cards

Because we work with businesses of all types and sizes we understand that each one has different needs. We have a credit card program with options designed for your business.

Our VISA Business includes:
Personal service from our dedicated First National Bank staff.

A revolving line of credit in your business name. This will help with routine and not-so routine expenses, while also keeping your personal and business expenses separate.

  • Management reporting. This is where we save you money. We'll send you the standard monthly summary, but in addition we will issue an annual recap broken down by expense category. The summary can save you time preparing to see your accountants, while also giving you an invaluable report of expenses by category.

    A fixed interest rate and no annual fee!

    Flexible payment options. Monthly, you can write us a check, or have the payment automatically deducted from your FNB checking account. And to make it even easier, you can set the date of the payment, and how much will be paid.


Don't forget the extras!

Getting your FNB account is just the beginning, don’t forget these extras to make your experience more rewarding!